Sustainability award winner

House of Dagmar Winner of the First Zalando Sustainability Award at Copenhagen Fashion Week

House of Dagmar’s continued commitment to producing fashionable, high-quality and low-impact products stood out from the competition. The jury was impressed by House of Dagmar’s strong sustainable ambition which is implemented through many aspects of the brand’s supply chain.

“ Thank you Zalando for making sustainability a top priority for our industry and selecting us as your first awardee. We feel inspired and energized to do even more – in a year such as the one we have behind us this is the ignition we need to keep pushing. We are so excited to receive recognition for our efforts and be given the spotlight on the matters of sustainability – this is what we have been doing for more than 15 years now. As fashion and sustainability is not a game or a sport where only one brand can win, we feel we want to share this recognition with so many of our very ambitious industry colleagues. We in team House of Dagmar are accepting this award with a humble mind. As a team we are truly doing our very best on the matter, but we still have a very long way to go to achieve our own goals. This gives us a push to keep putting even higher targets.”

Sofia Wallenstam, Brand Director at House of Dagmar.

According to the jury, Swedish House of Dagmar’s commitment to a more sustainable future is evident. Aware that materials make up 70% of the brand’s footprint, the brand is committed to removing unsustainable materials from collections and replacing them with more sustainable options, including choosing recycled rather than virgin materials, or options with less chemicals and water usage. Its effort to drive a positive impact is noted in its recent collection, with 90% of the garments labeled as ‘GOOD CHOICE’ – indicating they are created from more sustainable fabrics and also educating consumers around their shopping choices. The brand continues to challenge itself and began measuring its annual fibre footprint in 2017 and has since gone on to reduce water consumption by 41%.

Finally, the jury highlighted that House of Dagmar has extended its efforts to understand supply chains and ensure workers rights are meeting the brand’s own high standards.

The winner was chosen by six jury members including model and environmental activist, Arizona Muse, CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week, Cecilie Thorsmark, CSO of Global Fashion Agenda (GFA), Morten Lehman, Sustainability and brand advisor, Dio Kurazawa, Director of Sustainability at Zalando, Kate Heiny, and Buying Director Premium & Luxury at Zalando, Lena-Sophie Roeper. The jury members closely reviewed each brands’ sustainability strategies, including their collections and level of dedication to sustainable advancements.

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