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Dagmar x Birgitta Watz

House of Dagmar & Birgitta Watz
present unique artisanal scented candles.

Crafted using a blend of 100% ECO-certified plant-based and vegan-friendly coconut and soy wax with a wick made from 100% cotton.
The candles are made in small batch production and carefully hand poured in Stockholm, Sweden.

The bowls, handcrafted by Birgitta Watz, are made from natural Swedish stoneware clay, glazed with Watz’s proprietary
Celadon glaze, and high fired in reduced atmosphere.

The Sandalwood Amber scented candle features a unique, signature blend of perfume oils from Grasse.

Birgitta Watz is a Swedish ceramist, designer, artist, writer, professor, and pharmacist, with an expansive career.
Her artistic creations are found worldwide, including at Le Grand Louvre in Paris, Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York,
and the Boutique Hotel Ett Hem in Stockholm.

Darkness and light. Dionysus and Apollo. This area of tension in Western philosophy, art, and literature. Everything suggests that we need both -
the intoxicating, burlesque, thorny stormy and the calm, lucid and apologetically insightful. All of which provide us with strength. In the visual worlds of Birgitta Watz,
whether in her paintings, ceramics, or texts, there is almost always summer, color, and light, lots of light. Paradoxically, many of Birgitta's ceramic creations are dark,
often black, or in muted earth tones, but despite this, they radiate an intense light. I believe this is because they exude a sense of meaning that
captures us not only in the moment but also, as with all significant art, they give us an opportunity for contemplation,
in which we find ourselves becoming part of the object.

Epilogue by Richard Ahlström from the book Ärtmosphere by Birgitta Watz