1. Regenerated Wool

Regenerated Wool

A common misconception with recycled materials is that it is inferior to virgin material. Even though the lenghts of the fibres are shorter, we always use materials that are mixed in with virgin fibres to ensure that the quality and longevity are never compromised. The recycled wool we use comes from GRS-certified yarn mills. The GRS-certificate (Global Recycle Standard) proves that the stated content of recycled materials is genuine and also ensures that the supplier is fulfilling other important environmental and social criteria. When making the actual recycled fibre, used garments and rags are collected, then sorted by color and shredded into fibres for spinning. By re-using these already produced wool garments, the manufacturing process uses fewer chemicals, dyeing agents and water. This makes it a good choice material which is durable, without compromising on environmental resources.

House of Dagmar only uses regenerated wool from GRS-certified yarn mills, to ensure that the content is genuine and that the supplier fulfills important environmental and social criteria.


Wool should not be machine-washed as it will bleed and shrink or even felt. Make it a habit to ventilate your wool garments after every use. When you need to wash the garment – let it soak in cool water with mild detergent or baby shampoo for a couple of minutes, agitate the garment gently when washing. Rinse with cool water and squeeze out excess water gently, do not twist. Flat dry on a towel and avoid sunlight and direct heat.


You should store your wool garments folded laying flat. Do not store the garment on a hanger, as it tends to stretch or get the shape of the hanger.