1. Animal Friendly Fur

Animal-Friendly Fur

The animal-friendly fur used by House of Dagmar is produced with minimal harm and damage to the environment. The production of the friendly fur is achieved by shaving the fur of an animal and then weaving it into a cotton mixed base. By this process, you get the same effect as with conventional wool - it keeps you warm and keeps its quality over a long time. In addition to this, the material is biodegradable, making it a sustainable choice for you, and for the environment.

House of Dagmar only uses Animal Friendly Fur - creating beautiful garments made to last, without compromising the welfare of the animal.


Fur should not be washed in a machine, always ventilate after use. Leave your garments to a fur specialist when you need to wash them. If you stain it, gently rub with a damp tissue or cloth.


Do not store your fur garments in direct sunlight, as they might bleach or warp. Store them in a cool and dark closet. Wrap items that you put away for a long time in a pillow cover or a wardrobe bag.