1. Dagmar x Nootka

Dagmar x Nootka

House of Dagmar presents its third collaboration with a female artist in partnership with Lisa Olsson and Nootka Jewelry.

Minimalist design and expert craftsmanship intertwine in this collaboration between Scandinavian labels House of Dagmar and Nootka Jewelry, unveiling a joint collection of three garments.

Each piece presents a sculptural sensation, as handcrafted silver jewelry illuminate the sinuous yet striking silhouettes of the collection, which comprises two dresses and a jacket.

The partnership celebrates an interdisciplinary exchange, epitomizing a steadfast commitment to sustainable production methods, and uncompromising attention to detail shared by both House of Dagmar and Nootka Jewelry.

This marks House of Dagmar’s third collaboration with a female creator, following objects and abstract figurative pieces by Anouk Yve and a handcrafted ceramic candle collection by Birgitta Watz.