Linen is made from the fibre of the flax plant. It is a natural fabric with breathable properties, making it ideal and conducive for various temperatures and comfortable to wear in all seasons. Flax grows well even in poor soil conditions and is resilient to many diseases, making the use of harmful pesticides and water consumption far less than the farming of other plants. Production of the linen fabric itself has very little waste and can be done by using enzymes and bacteria. The fabric is also fully biodegradable when untreated and is stronger when wet, making it durable to wash. In addition, linen becomes softer over time without losing its quality. Thus, linen is a long-lasting GOOD CHOICE material both in terms of production and end consumption.

House of Dagmar likes to use linen in various garments due to its longevity and environmentally friendly production process. To lower the impact even further, we are currently looking into sourcing organic linen.


Linen becomes smoother and softer when washed. Linen can be machine washed, but always follow the specific instructions on the garment's care label. Avoid tumble drying in order to preserve the structural integrity of the garment. Dry flat for the best result.


Store your linen garments on a padded hanger and avoid direct sunlight.