Lyocell is produced by using cellulose from fast-growing trees for example eucalyptus. This fabric was the first cellulose fibre that uses nano fibrils, a nanotechnology making the surface very soft and smooth. Lyocell is known for its softness and natural comfort. It acts as a second skin and is an antistatic material, which makes it very comfortable to wear and feels as though it is almost “cool” in itself. The fibre is created by using a bio-degradable chemical made in a closed-loop process – meaning that 99% of the chemical solution can be recycled and re-used. It is therefore the most environmentally friendly of all cellulose-made fabrics.

House of Dagmar likes to use lyocell due to its environmentally friendly production process and comfortability - making it a sustainable good choice. To take the usage of lyocell one step further, we aim to use 100% certified lyocell by 2022.


The fabric does not absorb dirt or odors easily and is hypoallergenic. Lyocell is almost impossible to wrinkle and can be machine-washed on low temperatures. Always follow the specific instructions on the garments’ care label.


Store your Lyocell garments hanging on a padded hanger and avoid direct sunlight.