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Luna Linen Trousers

2 500 SEK



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Crafted from our soft twill linen, Luna Linen is high-waisted pant with a straight-legged silhouette. Featuring an elastic waist and angled pockets, Luna Linen is finished with slits at the hems. Pairs perfectly with the Jill top.
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Linen is made from the fibre of the flax plant. It is a natural fabric with breathing properties that allows it to adapt depending on temperature. This makes it very comfortable to wear during all seasons. The flax plant can grow in poor soil and is resistant to many diseases, making the water consumption and the use of harmful pesticides far lesser than farming of other plants. The process of producing the fabric itself has very little waste and can be done by using enzymes and bacteria. When untreated, linen fabric is fully biodegradable.